Motorcycle switched power supply for accessories. ST1100 and more

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A ready to fit kit, with connectors and instructions to give you a fused power supply of up to 30A, when the ignition is switched on.

These are ideal for powering sat nav, heated grips, extra lights, phone charging, heated gear etc

Simple 3 wires to connect and then you have 3 wires left to connect your things to.
2 switched in unison with your ignition and one that is live only when the ignition is off.
The off live can be used for a fake alarm led, parking light, phone charging and anything else you want to power.
It is best to only connect this to low drain items to avoid coming back to a flat battery.

All connectors are included, as are instructions. 
These are created for the Honda ST1100 but can be used on most other bikes and cars.

If you are not sure, feel free to email or text your questions.

Free postage to UK Addresses.


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